International award-winning photographer Tyler Austin grew up with the dream of being a firefighter. He earned his bachelors degree in graphic design and spent a combined total of 10 years  as a wildland firefighter and volunteer firefighter/EMT. It was during his time as a wildland firefighter where he started to find a passion in photography. After his second son was born, he decided to leave firefighting to focus on growing TAustin Photography and spending more time with his two boys Landon and Connor.

As for Tyler's photographic style, besides being known for his artistic and beautiful wall art pieces, he usually looks to use the light and colors around him at any given point to help compliment the outfits and beauty of each person or couple he photographs which gives his images a vibrant yet timeless feel. 


Tyler Austin
Lead Photographer/Cinematographer

Don’t just hire a photographer. Invest in an Artist…Photography is Forever!